6 Out of 10 Cows PREFER Shade!

It’s no secret that stress is the leading cause of medical complications as well as other major areas of our lives. Stress affects our attitude, our energy levels, our effectiveness at work, and the list can go on and on! But you already know this…

What’s not as well known, however, is that cows aren’t very different from people when it comes to their productivity under stress. Whether your growing your livestock for beef or for dairy, you can’t afford to miss out on the undeniable benefits of shading your cattle to reduce the amount of heat induced stress they’ll deal with throughout the year.

It’s right there in our name! We recommend using shade umbrellas as opposed to other methods of cooling, including sprinkler systems - And the recent study conducted by the University of Missouri agrees! To the right (Under the image) you can read an excerpt from their findings, or read the full article here. Either way, it’s pretty conclusive… If Bessie ain’t happy; nobody’s happy!


“Cattle will readily use shade in warm weather, but less is known about voluntary use of sprinklers. We examined preferences of 96 Holstein-Friesian dairy cows (milk yield: 12.7±3.48 kg per day; mean±SD) for sprinklers, shade, or ambient conditions after walking 2.0 km or 0.3 km before afternoon milking (n=48 cows/distance). Each cow was individually tested on 3 consecutive days with a different paired choice each day: 1) shade or sprinklers, 2) shade or ambient conditions, 3) sprinklers or ambient conditions. Average air temperature during testing was 22.3°C. Cows preferred shade over sprinklers (62 vs. 38% ± 5.0%; mean ± SE) and shade over ambient conditions (65 vs. 35% ± 5.1%; mean±SE). Cows showed no preference between sprinklers and ambient conditions (44% of the cows chose sprinklers, SE=5.3%). The preference for shade over sprinklers and ambient conditions increased with air temperature, solar radiation, and wind speed.”


Happy Cattle Shade Kit

Give your herd a break from the sun! With a Happy Cattle Shade Kit, your herd will be protected for the harmful UV rays of the sun, as well as the harsh conditions created by excess heat. When kept cool, your cattle will be placed under less stress and therefore be much more productive.

Happy Cattle Shade Kit
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This is our full Happy Cattle Shade Kit, and it includes everything you’ll need to keep your herd cool and productive!

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